Back To School

Lisa had helped me to elevate my writing to a more professional level, but I still had a lot to improve upon. Every page I gave her came back with more red than white, and each time, before she handed it back, she’d say, “Don’t get upset. I wouldn’t put this much effort into it if I didn’t believe in you”.

I loved every red mark. They gave me the experience needed to level up. They motivated me, and awoke a voracious appetite to write-write-write!

I was 34 years old when I went back to school. I’d originally wanted to study architecture, or environmental engineering, but enough people told me that I had a gift for understanding people and helping them, so I declared my major to be psychology.

It’s funny how a profound understanding of one’s Self can shock your soul like a bolt of lightning.

My first day of philosophy 101, with Dr. David Yount, was such a day. It was the day my Self and my rational mind shook hands, and began to travel down the same road. My mom told me that I had really blossomed with philosophy…like a pretty flower 🙂

Despite a heavy writing load from my philosophy and English classes, I think those years were some of my most prolific for the Age of Darkness. The iPad graduated to a mimi-laptop, and every spare moment I had one of them was open, my fingers dancing across the keyboard. I’d churn out 5,000 words during lunch, over 20,000 words in a week. The chapters spilled from my mind as fast as I could type. I managed a 4.0, and had a rough draft in hand by the end of my first year. Lisa had convinced me that a 56 chapter book was simply far to large for a new writer, and so I cut the second half off of the outlined chapters, and put them in a folder titled, Book 2.

I send the rough draft to Lisa, and she sent it back with just the prologue edited, looking as though it had been attacked by a red digital highlighter. Her email was short, and to the point: We’ll talk when we meet on Wed.

My confidence wavered.

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