Where Did I Go Wrong?

I had a beautiful manuscript in my hand, and boy was it big! It almost took a whole ream of paper to print. I’d read through the 140k+ pages eleventy-billion times, scouring each paragraph and sentence, eying each word with the scrutiny of a master gem cutter. It had drama, action, suspense, mystery, try/fail sequence, conflict, a beautiful and unique milieu…

And no one seemed to want it.

Agent after agent rejected my query letter. “I just didn’t connect with the characters”, and “I don’t feel I’m the right person for this project” filled my inbox, always with the caveat, “Publishing is such a subjective industry; so, please don’t be discouraged”.

Well…I did.

Where did I go wrong?

Lisa encouraged me to keep plugging away, and to write a new query letter. It’s an extremely difficult business to get into as an unpublished writer, but no impossible. Obviously, since no one comes out of the womb with a published book.

I decided to start my new query with a bit of humor, explaining to agents that my glorious beard and I were seeking representation for the Age of Darkness.

It was a hit!

Well…maybe not a hit, per se, but I got a request for a full read, and three partial requests! In the end, they all passed.

Where did I go wrong this time?

It wasn’t until a good friend of mine, Andrew, decided to read my manuscript that I found my answer.

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