Minutia—The Time Killer

The Devil may be in the details, but the killer is in the minutia.

I’ve spent countless hours, troubling over a single sentence or paragraph. Even now, a mist of sentiment grows in my mind, forming a nebula of image-laced ideas that I want to transcribe into words…but it has to be…just…right… Is ‘festering’ the right word, or does ‘decaying’ suit it better? No…this sentence is all wrong now! I look at the clock, then to the word count. Embers frustration pulse with life. At one hundred words an hour, I’ll finish this manuscript sometime around…Nevuary!

My last blog was about NaNoWriMo and the main difference between professional authors (Martin, Sanderson, King, etc.) and aspiring professionals—dedication and time spent on their craft. Countless hours spent vomiting words onto paper, pounding the keyboard until their better half yells at them to move to the other room, churning out story after story. At one hundred words an hour, Nevurary will also be the month I become a professional author!

For aspiring authors, like myself, NaNoWriMo forces us to eschew overthinking and fretting over perfectly transcribing our thoughts. Most of us have lives outside of writing. We like to do silly things, like eat, wear clothes, and live in a house/apartment. Things that cost money. So, we write when we can, while juggling employment, families, and relationships. The prospect of writing 1,667 words per day, 12,500 words every week over the course of four weeks is daunting, to say the least. It’s a lot easier to slam out 50,000 words when you have a great idea that motivates and inspires you, but it’s still a challenge.

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