Feeling Good!

I’d recently received a request for a full read, contingent upon cutting between 10k–30k words from my 150k word manuscript. Understanding that an unpublished author is already a difficult sell without a 150k story, I took the challenge. I set my target at 20k (midpoint), and after a few weeks of scouring, I hit my target! Well…1,500 words shy, but I have to say, I’m feeling a bit accomplished! 🙂 I can actually think about other aspects of my life now!

There were a few things that I discovered when I trudged through my work. There were a lot of shrugs, frowns, and smiles. I use Scrivener, and I love it. Not only does it give me a word count, it also gives me word frequency, which can come in really handy. It wasn’t until I saw exactly how many frowns and smiles there were that I felt a little overwhelmed, and a tingle of doubt set in once again—am I that boring of a writer?

The short answer: No. I’m not that boring of a writer. Scenes require a certain flow in order for the scene to read well, and pull the reader through the story. Battle scenes should be fast and chaotic, whereas traveling languidly across a rolling plain should read a bit slower (exactly like this sentence). In the rush of vomiting words into a scene, and in order to maintain flow. In fact, I had intended to do this as soon as I realized I was bogged down, trying to find the perfect phrasing for each and every sentence. I’d simply forgotten that I’d done that, so when I saw how many smiles, frowns, and shrugs there were…I got discouraged.

But, I got better!

As soon as I typed ‘frown’ in the search and quickly widdled through that stopgap, I saw how easy it was going to be to replace those instances. So, now I’m back to only being able to think about working on my manuscript.

My new goal: finish editing the stopgaps before my beta readers finish. That should give me about…five more days! I can’t wait to send it to the agent! 🙂

See you in a week!

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