Don’t Forget To Read

Seems obvious. Well, sometimes when we’re in the zone, and in the excitement of writing your own story as your fingers are desperately trying to keep up with your mind, reading someone else’s story can seem like a waste of time. Don’t forget to make room into your daily routine for some reading.

But what should you read? Well, it’s a good idea to read whatever genre you’re writing. To help mitigate writing like the author you’re reading, try reading a couple different books.Maybe put your chosen books on a daily, or weekly cycle, so that your own writing isn’t too heavily influenced from a single author’s style.

Don’t only read the genre you’re writing, unless that’s the only genre you believe is worth reading…the, I guess, carry on with your bad self. For the others, there are probably a few genres that you read, and you shouldn’t feel guilty for cheating on your writing genre.

Skipping a day of reading your cheat genre is fine; skipping a day of reading your writing genre, not fine.

Don’t forget about audiobooks! They are great for when you’re on the road, or doing chores, or whenever. But they don’t count toward fulfilling your daily reading. You actually have to have a book/e-reader in your hands that you are reading from. No cheating with your ears!